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KeenEye Inspections is a family owned professional service business with 20+ years of combined experience in construction, renovation and maintenance of single-family homes, multi-family residential complex, commercial buildings, institutional buildings and much more. Our inspectors hold Civil Engineering degrees along with their home inspection licenses.

Since our inspectors come with strong background in engineering and construction, their vast technical knowledge sets us apart from other conventional home inspectors.

While TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) establishes ground rules for every licensed home inspector to abide by in their professional service, we at KeenEye believe in not only meeting the TREC requirements but exceeding them.

Whether you are buying, selling or rehabilitating a home, you can count on KeenEye Inspections for a thorough inspection of the home including but not limited to foundation, grading/drainage, exterior envelop, interior finishes, roof structure, roof coverings, electrical, plumbing, heating & AC system etc.

Home Inspectors in Texas are licensed and regulated by Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), which establishes boiler plate requirements that a Home Inspector must follow. KeenEye Inspections is dedicated to meeting the TREC requirements as well as exceeding them. Our licensed inspectors are former engineering and construction professionals with several years of hands-on construction experience. We encourage our clients to walk along during home inspections to optimize their inspection experience. Our inspection reports are both verbal and written. Our reports include our findings, potential causes, our recommendations as well as tips on routine maintenance items

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When you work with us, expect nothing less than excellence. We also make an effort to keep the information confidential to you.

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