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Most Common Construction Phases Inspected

Any new home buyer should get a new construction or phase inspection, also known as a new home inspection. A reliable third-party opinion regarding the quality and installation practices of their new home should be sought during the construction process. Getting phase inspections during the construction of your new house is a smart move. It allows the builder and the client to get the home inspected by a professional home inspector. Even though the builders construct the houses in adherence to the building codes and laws set by the state, there are always chances of accidents happening. People always think that what could go wrong with a newly constructed home and neglect the fact that accidents occur due to ignorance. Phase inspections rule out the issues during the construction process itself which makes it much easier to solve the issues that come into the light. The home inspectors working with KeenEyeInspections carry out phase inspections in three phases:

  1. Pre-Slab Foundation Inspection
  2. Pre Drywall Phase Inspection
  3. Final Inspection

All of these phases carry different purposes and can be said to play a major role in the home construction process. The home inspectors working with KeenEyeInspections understand the importance of these phases very well. They use high-end thermal imaging cameras and whatever means possible to make a detailed inspection report after every phase. The phase inspections offer a lot of benefits to the clients and often give fruitful results.

Benefits of 3 phase inspections are-

  • Some defects must be fixed as soon as they are discovered during the same stage.
  • a) If the plumbing accommodations are not made during the pre-slab foundation stage, then this problem can only be fixed during this stage before the slab is poured.
  • b) Inspection of the moisture barriers, sheathing, or flashing during the pre-drywall phase. Such issues can be dealt with before the drywall is installed. We might not be able to find these issues until after you have any leaks or moisture penetration once the drywall is installed before said issues have been corrected.

Builders tend to become more attentive and less likely to make errors when they are aware that a third party will be scrutinizing their work.
A homeowner may discover issues after the builder’s warranty has expired if they aren’t fixed during the same phase. After that happens, the builder would not be liable to pay for the mistakes that were his. Then the homeowner would be liable to pay for the said damage control.
If any construction-related issues are discovered after construction is completed, the homeowner will be responsible for addressing them. This amount is likely to be huge to fix the said issues. And additionally will be compromising with the already secure structure and likely not be aesthetically pleasing.
The phase inspectors do a much more thorough inspection of your new home than the code inspectors that only ensure that you are not breaking any rules or regulations and not violating any codes.
If the other party hires a home inspector to inspect your house before you sell it, he or she will likely find problems that will affect the sale price or have to be addressed before closing. Thus, a timely three-phase inspection, although seemingly a little expensive at the time, can save a large amount of money and is likely to be a financially smart decision.

Pre-Slab Foundation Inspection

Conducting a pre-slab foundation inspection can prove to be a very fruitful idea. During this phase, the home inspector looks for the pipeworks and the drainage system, and anything that lies under the slab of the foundation. The pre-slab foundation inspection ensures that the systems and components that are to be placed under the foundation slab are in the right order and properly working. Once the slab is poured, it would become very difficult for the builder and even you to rectify if a problem is found later on. The expenses that would occur to rectify those would place a heavy burden on your pocket as it would be rather heartbreaking to break the slab and rebuild it again. To prevent such tiresome and hectic situations, it is preferred to have a pre-slab foundation inspection conducted.

Our home inspectors at KeenEyeInspections have been offering pre-slab home inspection services for more than 20 years. They have saved many builders and clients from falling victim to such accidents and can say from experience that getting phase inspections for your newly constructed house can be the single most important investment that you will ever make. It may save you the trouble of going through the construction process all over again.

Pre Drywall Phase Inspection

This inspection is supposed to take place before the installation of the drywall.

  1. It is here that missing, warped, and damaged framing members are searched for.
  2. All woodworks, regardless of their quality, placement, notching, boring, and so forth, are inspected.
  3. Visual check-up of the HVAC system and the ducts.
  4. Visual check-up of air handler condensation drain and overflow drain lines.
  5. Inspections are conducted on exterior walls, wall penetrations, windows, sealants, and other areas.
  6. Electrical system and lighting fixtures.
  7. Anchor bolts, fire blocking, and truss ties.
  8. Plumbing system and nail stop protection.
  9. Framing fasteners and connectors.

After the builder’s inspector has completed the inspection and the defects identified have been corrected, the pre-drywall phase inspection should be scheduled. Now that you have critically examined the home, you can get problems that persist fixed.

Final Inspection

Once the construction is completed, the inspector can finally run the final phase of the inspection. The final phase of the inspection consists of the following activities:

  1. The inspector will check the structure of the house which includes the foundation, roofing, walls, attic, doors, windows, ceilings, chimneys, decks, driveway, etc.
  2. The earthing, the circuits, and all the wireworks included in the electrical system are thoroughly checked.
  3. The inspector takes special care in inspecting the HVAC system
  4. All the appliances and components of that house that are installed in the newly constructed house are checked.
  5. The inspectors check the water supply system, the plumbing system, the pipeworks, as well as the drainage system.

The final inspection should be scheduled once the builder has given the green signal to you. Before you move into your newly constructed home, it is important to get a final phase inspection conducted by professionals of KeenEyeInspections. The final inspection is conducted as a part of a real estate transaction and is generally the most time-consuming of all the other stages of inspections.

Why Choose Us for Phase Inspection in Houston

KeenEyeInspections has been offering home inspection services for more than 20 years. Our inspectors are well experienced and certified by InterNACHI. They work in adherence to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice set by InterNACHI. Along with this, various other reasons are good enough for letting you choose us over other inspection companies. We are a trusted entity among our clients as well as our competitors. Our home inspectors hold certifications from associations such as TREC and InterNACHI. Our home inspectors are not only certified but also boast of decent industry experiences. Our inspection process includes the use of various high-end and advanced technologies such as thermal imaging cameras. The inspection reports provided by our home inspectors are detailed and installed with high-resolution pictures to give a clear understanding of the situation.

Professional Phase Inspection Houston, TX

If you are planning to get your home constructed by a builder, it is highly recommended to hire professional home inspectors and conduct phase inspections in Houston, TX. Buying a home or getting one constructed is not something that you can take lightly. You are probably going to spend thousands and millions of dollars on it. Why take risks and get yourself a home that would later become a source of disappointment? KeenEyeInspections offers professional phase inspection services in Houston, TX. Hire our professional phase inspection services today and make informed decisions with a peaceful mind.

Certified Local Phase Inspector near Houston

KeenEyeInspections is a group of home inspectors who are local to Houston, TX. All our home inspectors excel in offering professional phase home inspections near Houston areas. The phase inspection service offered by us is of high-quality and dyed in the hue of professionalism.

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