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Home-buying can sometimes be extremely stressful and confusing and comes with considerable risk. To ensure you are entering a fair deal, you need to get a quality home inspection done by professionals; they will reduce the risk and the stress that comes with it. Our qualified home inspectors will show you the good points of the house and will also point out the issues that need immediate repair or replacement.

You can count on us for professional and reliable home inspection services done at affordable rates. We cover all the nooks and crannies of the house to ensure the property is in its best health. Connect with us at KeenEye Inspections, as we have years of home inspection experience and can provide quality inspection services to our clients.

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Why Choose Keen Eye Inspections in Westfield Estates?

KeenEye Inspections have worked in the home inspection industry for over 20 years. Our home inspectors are thoroughly trained and have received their certifications from prestigious associations such as TREC and InterNACHI. That’s how we have garnered valuable experience in the area and deeply know all the intricacies involved in inspecting houses in Westfield Estates.

Our inspection includes a thorough checking of all the structural and cosmetic elements of the property, including the HVAC, the plumbing, the electrical system, and the roof. 

We will help you in making an informed decision by letting you know the strengths and weaknesses associated with the property. Each home inspection is done with a hue of professionalism, and all of our hard work is visible in the comprehensive inspection report we prepare. 

You can confidently make your home-buying decision based on our elaborate and honest inspection report. Contact today to book quality home inspection services in Westfield Estates

About westfield Estates, TX

Westfield Estates is a neighborhood located in Houston, TX. Westfield Estates is a green, quiet and calm place that accommodates many beautiful houses. The surroundings are so beautiful that anyone willing to buy a home in Texas would look forward to shifting to Westfield Estates. The place has low maintenance costs and offers all the facilities to the residents.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The average cost of a home inspection in Westfield Estates is around $400-$900. The cost depends upon factors such as the size of the home, the ease of access, the crawlspace, and most importantly the experience of the home inspector.

Keen Eye Inspections also offer Home Inspection Services in Spring Valley, Scenic Woods, Sherwood Place, Myrtle, Melrose Park, Westfield Estates, Green Bayou & Nearby Areas.
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